I help courageous people in Recovery take the next step to create a successful, radiant, fully expressed,
fully recovered life.

I am glad you are here!

Get cozy, kick off your shoes, let out a sigh of relief  “AHHH”… and let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I started Regroovin’ Recovery.

If you were to see me in the market after asking yourself, “Why is that lady dancing to the overhead music in the produce section,” you’d probably assume a few things:

  • I absolutely love dancing!
  • I’m crazy about eating healthy, whole, natural foods!
  • I’m super optimistic, fun-loving, and outgoing!
  • I’m a bit of a firecracker!

And you’d be totally right!

But you wouldn’t have the whole picture.

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My life started with struggle…From the time I was a baby, I dealt with anxiety that expressed itself through digestive issues, stomach aches, inability to sleep, frequent ear infections and illness.  Most nights were spent in my grandparents’ truck as they drove me around the neighborhood trying to help me fall asleep.

As I grew up, I created my own coping mechanisms through escape. I lived in a fantasy world, dreaming up huge imaginary stories. I turned to sugar, sweets, and junk food to numb myself, and when that didn’t help, I started crash dieting to feel in control.

None of it worked, of course. These were just ways of masking my troubles.

And then I found the most effective method to escape: alcohol. If I could drink it, I was “good.” But we all know the truth – I was FAR from good.  Like, “Trying to kill myself by drinking myself to death” far from good.

 That was my rock bottom. And that was when I chose to live.


During my recovery journey, I settled for the life I had. Sure, it felt ‘good’… it was definitely ‘better than’, but I felt empty. I was missing something. I dove deep to discover WHY I was addicted, WHY I sought to escape. I realized I used drugs, alcohol, codependency, toxic relationships, food, all of it throughout my whole life as a way to fill a BIG deep hole I felt deep inside me.

Until I figured out what I was missing, I could never truly recover. I was always going to seek SOMETHING to fulfill me.

I didn’t want to get high, but I wanted to ELEVATE – I wanted to love life so much that I transcended the day-to-day stuff and was rockin’ to an exciting beat I create, groovin’ through a life that was fun for me, exhilarating and fulfilling all at once.

I needed my inner soundtrack to stop skipping like a broken record, and I needed to find my groove.

I discovered that my true passion and gift was to help others (which I knew all along but was too afraid to let it shine), and this led me to become a Certified Health Coach, guiding others to embrace a holistic, natural lifestyle. I loved it, and knew I was on the right track, but I just didn’t feel there, yet.

Then that light bulb went off – HELLO! I needed to help other people discover their PURPOSE in recovery! I knew it wasn’t just me that struggled with finding myself in sobriety. It was time to reach out to others and help them live their own fully realized life.

Once that idea clicked, *BOOM* I was off. I threw myself into study and learning and became a Regroovin’ Life Coach.® 

With my purpose guiding the journey, I have AMAZING clarity in my life! I’ve learned to trust my intuition so I make choices that line up with my values. I’ve filled my life with so much positivity that it crowded out all the negative emotions I used to have – the guilt, the fear, the anxiety.

Fast forward to today, I’m living life…

  • Able to express myself in SO many different ways – creatively, physically, emotionally
  • Doing what I love not what I’m “supposed” to do
  • Experiencing total health and wellness and actively practice radical self-care
  • Radiating and resonating with positive energy, fun, and exhilaration
  • Not living HIGH, but living ELEVATED

Most of all, I found my GROOVE and it feels AMAZING!

And the same feeling is posible for you!

You deserve to realize your potential and live your life fully expressed and fulfilled!

There’s more to life than just getting through one day at a time!  Now it’s time for you to realize how much more there is beyond one day at a time surviving. It’s time to start groovin’ to your own beat!

I would love to chat with you in a complimentary session. Let’s look at what you really want out of life, overcoming those fears holding you back, and setting goals that get you moving forward!

Dear Courageous Soul,

You’re a sober warrior. You’re alive, and if you’re anything like me – that’s a miracle.

You conquered a battle – maybe the biggest battle of your life, and even though it is not easy,  you choose to stay sober.  Now, you feel stuck where you are, unable to move forward and discover your true potential.

Now that you’ve made it through a  recovery program, you’re feeling shackled to a dull life, constantly thinking, “I’M SOBER, NOW WHAT?”

You’re worried that your best days are behind you, and while one side of you is scared of living a repetitive, mundane life, the other side of you is scared that reaching out, tapping into your creativity, or living out loud will put your sobriety at risk!

You feel like you’re settling in your life.

I know you crave more, you always have.

You crave feeling exhilarated again. While you NEVER want to get high or trigger your addiction, you miss the anticipation, the hyper-focus of creating something, the thrill of tapping into your creative self. You want to feel the deep passions and strong emotions again, but you want all of this WITHOUT compromising your sobriety!

Most of all, you want to live a fully recovered life as your best sober self. You are ready to Rock It, Regroovin’!

How It Works!

I practice a holistic and functional approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected, where you came from and how you got here. The flower petals in the logo represent different areas of life. Together we will unravel the petals to get to the stem to find the root, to repopulate the soil and then we get the record spinning and start REGROOVIN’.