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Do you only coach people that are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction?

The soundbite answer:
No, I believe we are all recovering from something and everyone is welcome. The best way to know if Regroovin’ is your next move in your journey. Book a jam session!

The lyrics and the chorus answer:
Regroovin’ is a way of life for everyone who chooses to live consciously and continuously uplevel their negative thinking to rewire and live to be their best self.

I have a passion to transform the lives of generations to come by coaching people to find their purpose and live their best life on this earth, now. Choosing to not only survive but thrive will vibrate into generations of families lineage starting with the person who chooses to live a Regroovin’ way of life.

My personal experiences, education, passion and Regroovin’ resources are proven to work for all humans ready to transform.

The only way we know is when we talk in our Jam Session.
I tune in so you tune up and we decide if Regroovin’ is your next move on your journey to be your best self!

How is Regroovin' different than 12-step or other donation based programs?

Simple answer: 12-Step programs and other donation-based programs are relapse prevention programs.

Relapse Prevention programs are an amazing compliment to the Regroovin’Recovery Coaching program, and they are not a substitute.

Regroovin’ is a holistic life coaching program for people that choose recovery.

Regroovin’ focuses on holistic overall wellness of your mind, body, and spirit through nutrition, movement, sound, breath, and discovering your unique purpose in life.

It is a program where you bring your WHOLE self you do not leave your “outside issues” at the door.

Regroovin’ offers a holistic plan for your life.

People bring their business ideas to the Regroovin’ program because it is their purpose.

Regroovin’ takes you on a journey to explore all areas of your life, to uplevel your life in recovery.

If I have a sponsor and a therapist, is this program for me?

Yes! I have a sponsor and a therapist. I have worked the steps. I work with others. My recovery looked perfect on the outside, but I still struggled on the inside, which is what led me to create Regroovin’ Recovery. Your sobriety is the most important piece of your life, if you don’t stay sober you can’t regroove. I will teach you how to regroove, and you do whatever you need to do to stay sober.

How are you and Regroovin' different than a sponsor or a therapist?

We are going beyond the 12 steps! This program is about living your best life as a sober person! You are INVESTING in yourself with Regroovin’ Recovery, so you will learn to unlock your potential, your purpose, and discover your joy in your sober life! I am trained to coach, to listen, to guide you through this process. I have been coaching for years and deliver results.

Therapists and psychologists are trained to diagnose and treat behavioral and emotional disorders using talk therapy. It is advisable to seek treatment from a psychologist if you are experiencing intensely negative emotions and you do not possess the fortitude to move forward at this time.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership with clients focused on improving their present and future with actionable transformation and results within specific time-scales. A coach is not meant to be a substitute for licensed psychologists, a coach can help you if you are strong enough to move forward, take action and desire to live a Regroovin’ way of life.. A combination of therapy and coaching can be a powerful combination.

Why would I choose coaching?

Coaching is both growing and evolving. The demand for coaching is on the rise with the acceptance and results-driven programs like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Maire Forleo and more. It began when stressed out business professionals and entrepreneurs started seeking help in coping with their professional and personal lives.

With all the change in the world and all the technology moving at a speed that no one was trained to move at, coaches are hired to ease the transition and the trauma that naturally comes up in major life transitions.

When people began to see the power of coaching and the results it attained, people began to seek coaching for the personal development they desired, but could not sustain with the resources they were using.

You are here because you have a desire to create sustainable transformation in all areas of your life.

You are not alone, right now, the lives of at least 10% of the population are being negatively impacted by mental illness and trauma from their past which need to be resolved to move forward.

Most of the population is not in a program, seeking help or talking about the pain they “deal with daily”

We can all benefit from a high vibe community, a holistic approach to creating a Regroovin’ way of life

Coaches help people get back on track, uplevel and do more than, cope, thrive.

Coaching helps people grow, expand, uplevel and sustain the transformation of all ages and stages of life. And it is growing because it works!

A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching:

80% saw improved self-confidence
73% saw improved relationships
72% saw improved communication skills
70% saw improved work performance
61% saw improved business management
57% saw improved time management
51% saw improved team performance
And of those surveyed:

99% indicated that there were “somewhat or fully satisfied with their coaching experience”
96% said they would do it again

What can I expect from the program?

Full support from me, my team, and your peers in the program. You will experience a combination of self-paced learning, guided discussion, Q&A sessions, and SO much more! This is a one of a kind opportunity to transform yourself with an intimate group of like-minded people craving similar results and totally willing to share, be vulnerable and show up, just like you are! I will not only share my stories, but I will give you concrete, actionable techniques to live one day at a time fully expressed, vibrant and powerful.

What is the schedule?

This is a self-paced study so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready! Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to all the materials. We have a weekly Q&A call during the 14 weeks so via Zoom (a free video chat software) you can ask questions, we can dig deep and we can talk about your progress! There is also one to one coaching strategically placed in the program to provide you support as you are stretching into your Regroovin’way of life.

I want this! How do I create the abundance for the investment in myself?

Yep, your transformation, your choice to live a Regroovin’ way of life is an – investment in time, energy, and money.

You are the most important person in your life.

This is an education investment of all educations investments! It is a total mindset shift that when followed provides sustainable, moment to moment real life transformation that you desire

Look, I get it, I choose to invest in my personal development daily. To date, I have invested thousands of hours and well over $300K in higher education, workshops, credentialing programs, treatment, therapy, yoga training, and more in order to live the Regroovin’ life I live today. AND, I continue to do it every day.

My commitment to myself is to live my life with a “beginners mindset” that is living a Regroovin’ way of life. I stay curious, open and humble to new ideas, more education, feedback and more.

So, I continue to invest more than a rent payment every month in my development so I am the best version of me to be of service to you.

I think you know this, but I am willing to do what it takes to show up for myself. I work smart, strategically and humbly to create the abundance necessary to live a Regroovin’ way of life-

I will give you some strategic ways to create the abundance necessary to invest in yourself to live the life you desire and be your best self!

We do not represent any of these options and as with everything in Regroovin’ encourage you to meditate, consider and be gentle with yourself when you consider the option that is best for your life.

Every body is a unique body. A human’s most valuable resource is time. I know that being deliberate, thoughtful and jumping both feet into transformation is the way that works, best and research proves this to be true.

When now is the best time to invest in being your best self, I offer FAST ACTION PRICING.

Book a jam session now!

Together we are better. Regroovin’ is a way of life that when well lived will benefit everyone in your life. We encourage you to ask family members, friends, and even private investors who might be interested in investing in you. Ask your family, your friends, your spouse…or look around for a business owner or someone who might be looking for an investment. If there is anyone that can lend you the money, you can pay them back with interest.

We suggest that use an agreement to protect both you and your investor.

A majority of Regroovin’ clients are investing in themselves using credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express – you know them all. In week four of Regroovin’, we go deep in finances, we encourage our clients to be financially sober so we encourage the use of low or no interest credit cards for them to minimize fees and minimize interest expenses. If a client doesn’t have credit cards, they can open them.

If a client has credit cards, but they’re maxed, there’s always an opportunity to call the credit card company and ask for a line increase.

If this is you, give it a whirl, it is the most important investment you can make in yourself and I have been pleasantly surprised at how awesome credit agencies respond to this request.

When you’re approaching the bank, be prepared. Regroovin’ coaches will assist you in this process. You will need your plan. Many clients in Regroovin’ are starting a business and Regroovin’ is part of the start-up expenses.

Prove to the bank that you’re worth investing now and you will be creating even more abundance over the next 14-weeks.

Many companies support employees in their learning and development through sponsoring their attendance to webinars and conferences. Ask your boss or human resources department about benefits that might be available to you, and let them know how you think this coaching will impact your performance and those you work with.

Ouch! Yes, investing in yourself, means taking inventory of the things in your life that served you but can be of better service to you now if you sell them. Thank them for their service and think about expensive things you own that will be of better use to you by investing it in your personal growth. Your body, mind and spirit will not miss the “stuff you sell” as much as it loves the Regroovi’ life you create.

I did it, it is scary. I never look back. It will be replaced. Right now is all we have. Call your investment account provider and ask about how to sell stocks or borrow against your IRA.

If you are anything like most of my clients or me, something really bad already happened. Now is the time to uplevel and be your best self. Your savings can be replaced, when now is the right time to transform, everything else will follow.

Refinancing a home may seem like a big deal, it comes with lots of benefits that will lower your interest and create more cash flow in the immediate for your personal and business development.


PayPal Credit is offering 0% interest for 6 months. There are many more sources to consider online but some of the major ones are: include Upstart.com, LendingClub.com, mybestegg.com, Kabbage.com, and Futurpreneur, Avant.com, Prosper.com, Upstart. Regroovin’does not endorse or associate with any of these institutions.

I practice what I teach.

We go deep into finances in Track 4 of Regroovin’Recovery.

If this talk about the green cheese (money) is making you feel like you want to vomit green, I’m honored to have a jam session with you and the important people in your life helping you invest in your life, right now.