You are sober,
​​​​​​​Now what?
Are you ready to
Experience Healing &
​​​​​​​THRIVE in your Sober Life? 
Regroovin' Recovery Life Coaching 
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Sober Warrior, 

It sucks to be sober, doing the next right thing
and feel ​​​​​​​anxious and uncomfortable in your own skin. 

PAUSE, take a deep breath.  I get it, I am sober, I am with you!

You have come so far, you don’t have to settle now.

You can stop judging yourself.
You can let the shame go.
You may feel terrified if you stray from the relapse prevention program that has gotten you this far, you will slip and feel triggered.

And, paralyzed by fear, you keep doing the same thing or worse... nothing. 

You started listening to other people telling you what to do, exactly how to do it because you had to stay sober.

You feel like you are following the herd,​​​​​​​ because you are.
You have not found your own voice in recovery. 

Are you freakin' out thinking 
You don't know
Who you are or
​​​​​​​How you want to live?
​​​​​​​What is holding You back...

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Do you lie awake at night thinking, I am sober, I do the work, my life is better, so what the hell is wrong with me?
Have you been ignoring the whisper inside your head​​​​​​​ telling you that you are not really fulfilled and something is underneath all this pain?
Are you afraid to fully express yourself without compromising your sobriety?
Are you afraid to stray from the tribe  because you worked so hard to create the sober life you have today?

It sucks to be sober, doing the next right thing and
still feeling ANXIOUS uncomfortable in your own skin. 

You may be looking outside of yourself for the

next relationship,
the next meeting,
the next self-help book,
the next online support community
when what you are really looking for is a solution
to the uncomfortable empty feeling inside . 

You may have a therapist and go week after week but continue to live in the same monotonous loop.

You probably go to support meetings for an hour or so, only to leave and know something is still missing. You fill it with mindless tv, social media, food or some other addictive behavior. 

Even though you are doing the recovery "thing" 
Are you living an unfulfilling life and
have no idea ​​​​​​​where to start or what to do next?

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Guess what?​
You chose to get sober!
Now, you can choose a new path! 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I am Amy Guerrero your
your Recovery Life Coach.

I am radical woman in recovery and I am here to help you.

  Regroovin’ Recovery Life Coaching is a  personalized coaching experience that will provide you everything you need to discover the root cause of what is keeping you stuck to live your on-purpose, fully realized, fun, abundant life in recovery. 

Regroovin' Recovery Coaching Success!
Today Emily G. has launched her own business and is living on-purpose, in-power and Regroovin' 
Amy absolutely changed my life. 
I am stronger and more independent.

I have stopped relying on the escape, but instead am prepared to face all of it all head on...with love and support.
I am aligned with my purpose, and have never been more determined, clear, or focused in my life and I lost 30 lbs!  

​​​​​​​I am forever grateful for Amy’s regroovin' love. She changed my life and I know she will do the same for you.
You have the "Tool Box".
WHY are you still STUCK?
You Fear that...
If you have too much fun you will re-awaken the "dis-ease".

You are ready to try new things!  But your mind is full of "WHAT IF" stories that you have heard in recovery rooms that paralyze you. It feels safer to stay staus-quo than change your recovery  program no matter how monotonous it feels and how bored you are.
If you try something new and fail, you will look bad.

You hate the idea of sucking at something. If you suck at something everyone will notice, you will look bad and then you will feel worse than you do right now. So you keep doing the same ol’ thing day after day.
If you change you will piss off the people around you.

Even though the only thing you have in common is recovery, you worked hard to create new relationships. The last time you tried something new, they warned you it was risky. So, you ignore your craving for real connection and settle for what you have now.
If you do your recovery differently you will do it wrong.

You are doing the thing, being of service, participating in the support groups, reading the books, wondering what else to do, you choose to either get really busy doing the same thing to distract yourself or NOTHING…
You worked so hard to get here! 
Now you found your unique, personalized solution to take your life to the next level in your recovery journey.
Regroovin' Recovery Coaching will help you discover the root cause of your addictive escape to fill the gap from
Who you are now and
Who you want to be. 
The personalized coaching you receive ends your confusion and moves your life forward on-purpose, in-power
​​​​​​​on the path you create.
Apply here now! 
You choose Recovery to Live.
Now let's get to the root cause and create the Freedom you desire.

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