Regroovin’ Recovery LIfe Coaching

Custom created coaching designed for you to

Live your life in recovery ON-PURPOSE!

Regroovin’ Recovery gives you a roadmap to radically expand your healing process so you can live your best sober life filled with excitement, joy, and creativity that results in the emotional harmony you crave! You will learn how to be your best sober self – finding your rhythm and rockin’ your recovery!

Regroovin’ Recovery is a one of a kind program for people just like you who experienced their awakening and did the hard work through therapy or a relapse-prevention recovery program to break free from living an addicted life.

Now, you’re craving more — you’re ready to live a vibrant, fun, exhilarating life, and now it’s time to put the techniques in place to make that happen, without risking your recovery!

Once you regroove your recovery, you’re going to get your life back in a totally new way that feels 100% authentic and comfortable with who you are!

It’s time for you to be your best sober self, having fun, feeling excitement, expressing yourself fully without guilt or shame…It’s time to satisfy that desire to live boldly!

With Regroovin’ Recovery, everything in your life will transform! You’ll learn to love your whole self completely, exactly as you are. Your relationships will be more fulfilling, and you’ll discover total control over your thoughts and beliefs!

Right now, you’re lying in bed at night wondering how to get more out of life, but you’re overwhelmed. You’re feeling guilty for wanting more, and you feel like your progress has stalled…

If you are feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle, the days turning into months of meetings, therapy, work, sleep, doing what you’re “supposed to” rather than what you want to…If you’re wondering when you’re going to feel joy in your life, Regroovin’ Recovery is for you!

Dear Courageous Soul,

You’re a sober warrior. You’re alive, and if you’re anything like me – that’s a miracle.

You conquered a battle – maybe the biggest battle of your life, and even though you’re still fighting, you choose to stay sober. And this fight has you feeling stuck where you are, unable to move forward and discover your true potential.

Now that you are free from the active addiction, you’re feeling shackled to a dull life, constantly thinking, “Is this all there is?”

You’re worried that your best days are behind you, and while one side of you is scared of living a repetitive, mundane life, the other side of you is scared that reaching out, tapping into your creativity, or living out loud will put your sobriety at risk!

You feel like you’re settling in your life.

I know you crave more, you always have.

You crave feeling excited again. While you don’t want to get high or trigger your addiction, you miss the anticipation, the hyper-focus of creating something, the thrill of tapping into your creative self. You want to feel the deep passions and strong emotions again, but you want all of this WITHOUT compromising your recovery! 

Most of all, you want to live a fully recovered life as your best sober self. You are ready to Rock It, you are ready for Regroovin’ your recovery!

Deep down in your soul, you dream of being able to…

  • Fully express yourself without compromising your sobriety!
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself, body and soul!
  • Discover new ways to experience exhilaration and joy!
  • Speak your truth in every situation!
  • Love what you do as your purpose!
  • Enjoy financial abundance without shame or guilt!
  • Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and negative emotions!
  • Live fearlessly and confidently in your sobriety!
  • Calm your mind and body when faced with triggers to your mental wellness and sobriety!
  • Permit yourself to make mistakes and forgive yourself when you do!
  • Experience total health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally!
  • Know that you can do anything in your life!
  • Rely on a tribe of people who get you completely and understand where you come from and who you choose to be!

Most of all, you dream of life where you are thriving completely, where you feel powerful, strong, and completely connected as you live a truly authentic, purposeful life!!

But you’re held back from your dreams…You’re facing obstacles that include:

  • Feeling scared that you will disconnect from your recovery or recovery community
  • Avoiding living life fully, creatively, or joyfully, worried it will trigger you
  • Willingness to settle for your life as it is now because NOW is better than BEFORE
  • Fear of failing as you try to make real change in your life

You’re worried something will trigger a physical or mental break from your recovery and you’ll find yourself spinning downward.

You’re struggling with negative emotions and feelings that you’re unable to break free from. Maybe you:

  • Feel grateful that you’re working again, but now you’re afraid you’ll jeopardize your job by asking for a raise, promotion, or even just better hours
  • Are running around making everyone happy, grateful just to be tolerated rather than asking for help in your life
  • Feel unsure of what you truly want in your life
  • Struggling in a relationship that doesn’t blend with your recovered life
  • Stopped living creatively because you don’t know how to tap into art, music, or writing through sobriety and denying creativity feels safer
  • Fake it at support meetings and therapy appointments because you just feel so numb and exhausted all the time.

If you feel blocked from being your true self recovered…

Let’s start regrooovin’ your life and have FUN doing it!

My friend, PAUSE, take a deep breath.  I get it, I am one of you, I am with you!

You have come so far, you don’t have to settle now.

You can stop judging yourself. You can let the shame go.

You can stop trying so hard and RELAX!

Who am I to tell you to relax and breathe?

I’m Amy Guerrero – here so that you don’t have to fantasize about the recovered life you dream of experiencing. You can start living it!.

I envisioned Regroovin’ Recovery as a way to help you live powerfully, confidently, and purposely! I want you, and everyone who chooses to overcome addiction, to be able to do more than go through the motions of sobriety. You deserve to have fun, experience excitement, and live with purpose!

My mission as a Regroovin’ Life Coach™ is to help you achieve that life because I understand your frustration, your fear, and your struggle!

I have been right where you are because I’ve gone through my own journey to get sober, stay sober, and become the woman I am today.

I discovered the need for Regroovin’ Recovery because once I chose to recover from my own addictions, I saw people I admired settling for a life that was good enough, and I was afraid of going down that same path of getting stuck in a mundane, unfulfilling life!

But, I had no idea where to start other than the support groups that are out there already so I had to develop a system.

Yes, I was sober.

Yes, I was living in a great place.

Yes, I owned my own successful business and earning a great income.

Yes, I had a therapist.

Yes, I had a community.

Yes, I was active in volunteering and helping others.

Yes, I looked happy and healthy on the outside.

But this whole time, I was discontent because I knew I wasn’t living my purpose or living a fully honest life, but I was too scared to figure out what it was or what to do.

During my recovery journey, I settled for the life I had. Sure, it felt ‘good’… it was definitely ‘better than’, but inside I was seeking more.

I knew I thrived by helping people, and I wanted to bring joy, health, and wellness to others.

So, I dove headfirst into programs, books, therapists, healers, coaches, conferences, support groups and so much more. I invested thousands of hours and over $75k to learn everything I know about recovery, and how to successfully coach and transform people just like you!

The more time I spent learning, researching, and investing in the knowledge of addiction, nutrition, relapse prevention, holistic modalities to sustain long-term recovery and purpose.   The more it helped me to unlock the secrets within myself so I could determine my true purpose and live life a life where I love and accept myself.  A life where I was free to express myself without seeking outside of myself. A life where I am on-purpose and thriving. 

I did the work and gathered as much information as I could to discover the best practices to guide others to the life they desire. As I spent more time applying and testing my theories, everything started to click.

The purpose of my life is to feel connected to myself and the divine and feel the possibility that results while inspiring others to do the same!  For me, this is coaching, guiding and being of service to you, the courageous people who choose recovery and desire to find their purpose and be their best self!    

This journey gave me the wisdom and the education to create Regroovin Recovery. It works, and I am living, thriving, awesome, big, radical and regroovin’ because of it!

Fast forward to today…

  • I am more confident and secure with who I am than ever before!
  • I have more joy and freedom than I have ever experienced!
  • I say “no” and set healthy boundaries!
  • I do what I love for a living, not what I think I have to do!
  • I dance when I feel like it and don’t care who sees me!
  • I feel free to make decisions and choices using my intuition!
  • I do all the things I choose to do and rarely feel triggered to escape my skin or the experience!
  • I am more creative and connected than I ever have been!
  • I live my life boldly!

I want to help you achieve this same success!


That is easy! I believe that every person who chooses recovery is courageous and I want to see you experience your fully realized life on your terms! I want you to:

  • Get out of bed with enthusiasm to be curious about what will happen each day
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from choosing to thrive instead of cope with life
  • Feel the difference in your life as your confidence grows and your recovery gets regrooved

A lot of people in recovery settle for meetings and a mediocre life, coping with their problems and staying sober one day at a time. Their life becomes one dimensional and dormant, and they don’t even realize it!

Here’s the thing: their mindset is holding them back! When an opportunity to change, to lose weight, leave their job, get rich, find their soulmate, comes up their negative emotions and beliefs come up:

“This will never work for me…”
“I’m not confident enough to start…”
“I’m not loveable, I’m broken…”
“I should just be grateful to be sober…”
“Well, I can’t do that, I am an addict…”
“That is for normal people, not me…”
“I can’t do that if I’m sober…”

Luckily, that is NOT you! You’re not just a person in recovery! You are so much more!

You have put in so much hard work and have learned how to stay sober one day at a time. You have learned tools to give you the life you have today, now it is time for you to experience happiness and authenticity in every area of your life!


I don’t want you to keep going through the motions, feeling bored and resentful of your life!

This is why I created Regroovin Recovery!

You will experience amazing personal development at a steady, healthy rate that is comfortable for you.

I’ll guide you to find your inspiration and provide you with the techniques that will put your sobriety as the priority while still ensuring you meet goals and make progress.

My clients work with me because of my energy, my light, my enthusiasm. I am powerful. I am regrooved! I expand in abundance, success, and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same!

Those who make the choice to join me will also learn to be their best, most realized, most vulnerable, vibrant, regroovin’, recovered self than they ever thought was possible.

This is what you’ll take away from Regroovin’ Recovery:

Mindset Transformation

You will develop a mindset ritual that will support you as you transform your old limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. You’re going to regroove your mind by dissolving the fears, shame, guilt, and excuses, and meet a NEW improved version of yourself.


You’ll figure out why you’re on this earth and create a plan to fully walk in your purpose and begin fulfilling your true potential. You will develop the confidence and attract the support you need to put your purpose and potential into action.


We are especially sensitive people, we desire love and healthy relationships. You will create a new tribe by connecting and bonding with people in recovery who are seeking their own joyful, authentic, exciting life just like you  are. You will create connections through Regroovin’ Recovery that are positive, healthy and evolved!

Joyful FUN!

For real! You have put in so much work and are focused on doing the “right thing” all day long. Now, it is time to learn how to have fun again, experience joy, cut loose, and let go a bit! You will go to deep places within you and discover how the support of a tribe and some healthy new modalities will make it fun instead of WORK! .

Healthy Solutions

Instead of the anxiety of triggers, you’ll experience peace and calm as you develop strategies that allow you face triggers without fear of a relapse.

This is just scratching the record…(the surface) on the benefits you will receive when you complete Regroovin’ Recovery!

Here’s how we’re going to do it…

Regroovin’ Recovery is a 14-week program that gives you everything you need to rock your recovered life! You’re going to get:

  • Weekly training modules, each including a video and action plan workbooks
  • Access to my resources and support team
  • Exclusive private group access to connect with like-minded, courageous people who can provide peer support, guidance, and friendship
  • Q&A forum to ask questions and seek guidance
  • One-on-One Guidance and support PLUS full email access to me and my team

Track 1

Become the Ambassador of your fate

Design your story where you have been, what you have experienced and what has happened in your life until today. This map will give help you focus on the root of what is holding you back and help you become the agent of your own fate.

Track 2

Get clear on Time

Time is your most valuable resource and relates directly to the success of your Regroovin’ lifestyle. This week you will look at how you show up for yourself in relation to your goals.

Track 3

Remove the things in your way

Commitment to your Regroovin’ lifestyle means clearing out the physical, mental, spiritual clutter in your life to move you forward. This week you unpack the areas of your life and identify what to clear to successfully live your Regroovin’ lifestyle.

Track 4

Embrace your Money Mindset

Examining how you invest your energy, your time and your money and what shaped your mindset around finances will give you the ability to accept where you are today and how to shift your mindset to reach your goals and LIVE BIG.

Track 5

Define your purpose

Access your zone of genius and define your purpose now that you are choosing to be sober! Learn to make s.m.a.r.t decisions with no second-guessing.

Track 6

Reclaim your power

Learn to trust your gut-instincts and reclaim the power you gave away, to live like you never have before.

Track 7

Eliminate distractions and “I can’t thinking”

Develop a step-by-step plan to eliminate distractions, manage your time and spend your money wisely while you complete projects and achieve your goals.

Track 8

Establish strong healthy boundaries

Establish strong healthy boundaries to receive the love you crave while remaining grounded in your purpose and in the momentum of your purpose.

Track 9

Speak your truth

Create clear, courageous communication aligned with your purpose and share it comfortably and confidently!

Track 10

Feel inner peace despite the chaos

Avoid drama when you learn to Interrupt the loop of your old way of thinking, trust your inner guidance and dissolve conflict in any situation.

Track 11

Show up confident, empowered and connected

Live life on your NEW terms with resilience and confidence without compromising your connection to your higher power (divine).

Track 12

Write your Regroovin’ PlayBook

Write your New POWERFUL personal regroovin’ program (PlayBook) to keep you regroovin’ in your purpose.

Track 13

Laying down the tracks

Fine-tune your playbook by reviewing your last 12 weeks and publishing the play book.

Track 14

After Party

Celebrate your Regroovin’ lifestyle with your Community by sharing your book and creating your accountability for living your Regroovin’ lifestyle on purpose.


Of course, there is more!  We always want more!

Bonus #1

Pre-groove Decluttering Systems

Bonus #2

Money Mindset Training

Bonus #3

Relationship Training

Bonus #4

Meditation Time

Bonus #5

Financial Systems to Create Abundance

Bonus #6

Discover Your Ideal Relationship

Bonus #7

Balance Your Mind with Essential Oils

Bonus #8

Healthy Gut/Healthy Brain Nutrition Plan

Bonus #9

Recorded meditations to calm and inspire you as you are Regroovin’

And now what happens?

You are on your way to Regroovin’ your recovery and start ROCKING your best life!

You will be sent a confirmation email and details about how to login to the site and get started, plus, you will be sent a few questionnaires and the first Bonus Decluttering Your Life to Prepare to live a Regroovin’ way of life!

What makes Regroovin’ Recovery different from the other programs out there?

Regroovin’ Recovery is unlike anything on the market. It is a program that includes a whole life, transformational unraveling to get to your root causes of what is keeping you stuck, coping and settling for the life you have instead of the life you crave.

We dive deep into all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit so you can renew and regroove mentally, emotionally, and physically. This process will provide you a launchpad for expressing all of your possibility and the courage and the tools to do it one day at a time, sober! You will create your life’s soundtrack to guide you with purpose, discover your creativity, and graduate with techniques, habits and rituals that will elevate your life!

Regroovin’ Recovery is a huge toolbox of the practices that I have been creating for years. You will be getting vulnerable, real, recovered experiences and expertise and the ability to ask as many questions and listen to as many stories as you can to create your success.

Unlike other programs, we encourage healthy, productive feedback and to support each other on our journey to being powerful recovered people with BIG, Vibrant, Fun, Exhilarating lives! We take the time to help you crash through your ceiling and set you free to experience your ideal life.

Once you listen, sign up, show up, and reconnect with that courageous, strong, POWERFUL side, you will dissolve fear and lean into love no matter what obstacle, opportunity or unexpressed possibility comes your way! You will be regrooved.

You will fall in love with yourself like you never have before by experiencing total confidence in your mind, body, and spirit and appreciating the amazing things your body and mind can do.

You will serve generations of people that come after you by stepping into your highest potential and radically transforming into an amazing pillar of positivity, strength, purpose, and power. You can impact countless people by living your best life!

You will make a HUGE impact on your family and friends by showing them what you can achieve in sobriety.

You will be of service to this world and go beyond being “just a recovered person.”

When you take inspired action, you will manifest all of the courage and support you need to conger up all motivation and drive to live POWERFULLY one day at a time like you never thought possible, beyond your wildest dreams.

Isn’t that what you signed up for when you made the choice to get sober? I know I did!

I can’t wait to show you how!

I promise that in fourteen weeks, you will receive more than great content and new techniques and modalities to be your best sober self. You will experience the transformation of Regroovin’ your mind, body and soul. You will be more POWERFUL and have more awareness of just how amazing you are sober, authentic, humble and vulnerable!

You will be regrooved and ready to make this your way of living one day at a time. You will be willing to break through every obstacle in your life because you will live a life where you don’t settle, you don’t cope, you thrive and live powerfully!

Regroovin’ Recovery is the right step for you if you are:

  • Going through the motions of life but are dreaming of something more!
  • Ready to create a life with depth and dimension!
  • Excited to transform your life profoundly!
  • Ready to be your best sober self and rockin’ your recovery!
  • Excited to change your life without fear of relapsing!

Most of all, you have come to believe that your thoughts and actions are directly linked to your progress and success, and you’re ready to live your authentic life out loud!

But Regroovin’ Recovery may not be for you if you:

  • Aren’t ready to put in the work to change…
  • Don’t want to make a commitment or are too indecisive…
  • Aren’t willing to accept responsibility
  • Don’t want to invest in yourself or your recovery…
  • Are fine with going through the motions and doing what you’re doing…

What happens if I keep doing the same thing and don’t take action NOW?

You can keep doing what you are doing and…

  • Keep getting what you are getting and feeling how you’re feeling
  • Look happy on the outside
  • Feel a low-level discomfort one day at a time that will become familiar to you
  • Get through the day
  • Lose more time going through the motions and feeling powerless

You may never let your song out….

OR you can put an end to this struggle and join Regroovin Recovery and…

  • Accept your emotions instead of managing your emotions
  • Feel free to express yourself in all ways and manners
  • Experience joy, peace, and excitement toward life
  • Feel confident and secure with who you are physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Live and love boldly, fearlessly, and joyfully
  • Discover your purpose and learn to live that purpose

You have questions? We have answers!

What is the schedule?

This is a self-paced study so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready! Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to all the materials. We have a weekly Q&A call during the 14 weeks so via Zoom (a free video chat software) so we can touch base, you can ask questions, we can dig deep and we can talk about your progress!


If I have a sponsor and a therapist, is this program for me?

Yes! I have a sponsor and a therapist. I have worked the steps. I work with others. My recovery looked perfect on the outside, but I still struggled on the inside, which is what led me to create Regroovin’ Recovery. Your sobriety is the most important piece of your life, if you don’t stay sober you can’t regroove. I will teach you how to regroove, and you do whatever you need to do to stay sober.


How are you and Regroovin different than a sponsor or a therapist?

We are going beyond the 12 steps! This program is about living your best life as a sober person! You are INVESTING in yourself with Regroovin’ Recovery, so you will learn to unlock your potential, your purpose, and discover your joy in your sober life! I am trained to coach, to listen, to guide you through this process. I have been coaching for years and deliver results.


What can I expect from the program?

Full support from me, my team, and your peers in the program. You will experience a combination of self-paced learning, guided discussion, Q&A sessions, and SO much more! This is a one of a kind opportunity to transform yourself with an intimate group of like minded people craving similar results and totally willing to share, be vulnerable and show up, just like you are!  I will not only share my stories, but I will give you concrete, actionable techniques to live one day at a time fully expressed, vibrant and powerful.


What are you waiting for?

I have more questions! I am happy to answer all your questions and look forward to meeting you!

Email me at