“You can dance if you want to”- Men at Work it’s silly, but it is real!  Dancing is one of my favorite tools and it’s FUN and FREE.  More on FUN and FREE soon, but seriously,  dancing is a great way to transform your body, mind, and spirit and have fun doing it today.  

I just completed the first of many dance games this week for Recovery Awareness! 

Check it out on our social media @regroovin 

Dancing is one of the oldest forms of human expression and it is so healing.  

How DANCING  will improve your recovery:

Feel good instantly when you dance to stimulate reward centers in your brain.

Create more natural feel-good chemicals in the body to provide more sustainable joy!

Ditch the negative when you shake out the trauma and feel good now!

Dance in the moment to change the feelings instantly!  

Watch the LIVE training on FB @ Regroovin