I was driving to a meeting, listening to Hay House Radio and I heard one of the favorite teachers, Louise Hay, say this and BOOM! 

Regroovin’ came to life. 

Regroovin’ is about exactly this concept that Louise, so simply stated.  

I need to see the crud that lives in the grooves (of my mind) to clean it out.

When I do, the result is my record spins without skipping and I get to listen to the music I choose to create.  

That is my jam! 

When I started using these Regroovin’ moves with my clients and watched the transformation unravel faster and stronger, I knew my next move was to create the Regroovin’ Recovery 10-week transformation program.  

Regroovin’ is a lifestyle, that starts with the 10-week group program and results in a new soundtrack of life!